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Hi, I’m Jason.

I’m a serial tech entrepreneur. I have a really geeky technical background, I learned to program when I was 12 and wrote a book on 3D game programming when I was 16. I started my first company pretty soon after graduating, and before my current company (Dais) I was CTO at Uptake.

I’m a happy husband and a father, but I generally keep my personal life off the Internet. While I live and breath technology (or maybe (probably) because of that) I don’t really want my life documented and analyzed by whatever company can get to the data.

I started blogging back when it was cool the first time, and then didn’t do much of it for the past few years. I miss it though, and so I’m planning to do more of it now.

I’m nice, and I like seafood.

You can find more professional background on me on LinkedIn

Best, Jason

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